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graphical design


We develop advertising graphical design, publishing design, design of corporative identity, design Web, design of package, typesetter design, cartelería, señalética, publishing design and design multimedia, contemplating diverse needs that vary according to the needs of clienteDentro of the vestibules have realised processes of standardization directed to the homogenization in the interfaces of programming of the same in such a way that a service developed for a vestibule can be executed in any other compatible vestibule with the standard.

  • identidad corporativa

    corporative identity

    The corporative identity or corporative visual identity (CVI) is the physical manifestation of the mark. Generally it includes a logo and elements of support (business cards, stationery store, envelopes, triptyches, posters, etc.), coordinated generally by a group of masterful lines that take shelter in a document of Corporative Manual type.

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  • catalogos y folletos

    catalogues and pamphlets

    These graphical pieces are a tool through which a company informs to the real and potential clients on the characteristics and prices into offered products, with the purpose of to promote its sale. Complementing other forms of promotion perfectly, like the Web sites. All the sizes, diptyches, triptyches, great size for buzoneo, leaflet, You choose.

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